Mister Music vs. Doctor Beat

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Mister Music vs. Doctor Beat release their tracks on A45 Musik & Phoniclux Music.
Available online from Kontor New Media.
The producer duo from Mainz / Wiesbaden is not limited to one
Genre but wants to cross borders, because they love the music!
Whether techno, electro, gothic, pop or rock, fusion is the magic word for that
Team, preferences and influences are diverse.

The artists Boris Keeding & U. Schnelle bring out very catchy and audible electro pop anthems. The way the artists have maintained their style as they move from one product to the next is commendable.

Boris Keeding & U. Schnelle always keep an eye on the preferences of their fans when creating sounds and play with the different styles that lead to catchy single releases.

(Gesang, Gitarre, Arrangement / Mister Music vs Doctor Beat / MEAT THE MACHINE)

(Synthie, Arrangement / Mister Music vs Doctor Beat)